Important information about allergens

New EU legislation came into force on 13th December 2014 that means that all food businesses (including Childminders) need to provide information about the allergenic ingredients in food.

The food I provide may contain one or more of the 14 major allergens. If you require any further information on the potential allergens in the food I provide please do not hesitate to contact me. Please see the attached poster which lists the 14 allergens for clarification.

It is so very important that if your child has any allergies or are particularly sensitive to certain foods you make me aware of this, so that I can cater accordingly. I take the safety of all children in my care very seriously and therefore respectfully request, that you advise me in writing about the diagnosed allergy or sensitivity prior to starting at the setting or as and when you are aware of this during their time with me.


BreakfastChoice of cereal, toast, crumpets or porridge.
LunchVegetable casserole with dumplings.
Cottage Pie, with vegetables.
Toad in the hole with vegetables & mashed potatoes.
Five vegetable Lasagne with garlic bread.
Fish cakes with vegetables.
Banana & raspberry muffins
Mixed fruit
Petit Filous
Afternoon SnackFruit or vegetable sticks
TeaTuna Pasta bake & salad
Cheese and ham toasted sandwiches and crisps.
Cheesy beans on toast.
Pulled pork sandwiches with apple sauce on fresh crusty bread.
Jacket potato with cheese and beans and side salad.